Rotational molding manufacturers tell you what are the main applications of the products?


The process of rotational molding products is rotational molding and rotational casting molding. It is a thermoplastic hollow molding method.

Rotational molding is a versatile process for manufacturing a variety of hollow plastic parts.

The rotational molding process uses heating and rotation along two axes to produce hollow individual parts.

Molten plastic is injected into the rotating mold, and centrifugal force forces the molten plastic against the mold walls.

1、Container type rotomolded parts

These plastic parts are widely used in storage and supply tanks, water storage tanks, storage and transportation containers for various industrial chemicals, such as acid, alkali, salt, chemical fertilizer, pesticide storage tanks, chemical enterprises, industrial painting, rare earth production in the wash tank, reaction tanks, crates, garbage bins, septic tanks, domestic water tanks, etc.

The roto-molded cross-linked polyethylene barrel made of roto-molded grade cross-linked polyethylene resin "Maricxcl-100" can be comparable with metal barrel, and it has good chemical resistance and low maintenance cost.

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2、Rotomolding parts for transportation

 It mainly applies polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride paste resin to rotomold various automobile parts, such as air conditioner bends, vortex tubes, backrests, armrests, fuel tanks, fenders, door frames and shifter covers, battery housings, fuel tanks for snowmobiles and motorcycles, aircraft fuel tanks, yachts and their water tanks, small boats and buffer absorbers between boats and docks, etc.

3、Rotomolding parts for sports equipment, toys and handicrafts

There are various rotomolded parts mainly made of PVC paste, such as water balloons, floating balls, small swimming pools, recreational boats and their water tanks, bicycle seat cushions, rotomolded pallets, surfboards, etc.

Since rotomolding molds can be manufactured by casting, electroforming and other processes.

The surface of rotomolded parts is good at "replicating" the fine structure of the mold cavity surface, so the rotomolding method can make the products quite exquisite and beautiful, so it is often used to make products with large ornamental value, especially toys such as ponies, dolls, toy sand boxes, fashion model models, crafts rotomolding molds, etc.

4、All kinds of large or non-standard rotomolding parts

Rotational plastic products are also used in various boxes, shells, large pipes and other parts, such as shelves, machine shells, shields, lampshades, agricultural sprayers, furniture, canoes, camping vehicle canopies, sports field devices, planters, bathrooms, toilets, telephone rooms, advertising display boards, chairs, highway piers, traffic cones, river and sea buoys, anti-collision barrels and construction barriers, etc.

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